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EDGE Alumni Tell You Why EDGE is the Best Program in Canada

By AT, 08/27/15, 10:00AM EDT


Over the years, we've been fortunate to have many of the top players from Ontario player in our program! These players worked hard in the classroom and on the field to accomplish their goals of NCAA lacrosse. We helped give them the EDGE they needed to get to the next level and achieve success!

Below, we've put together some alumni testimonials about their experience with EDGE. 

EDGE is truly Canada's top recruiting and development program and we are eager to work with dedicated and committed student athletes to help them achieve their goals!

Shane Simpson - University of North Carolina

I had a lot of good advice over the years from family members to coaches.  If I had to give advice to a younger player, it would have to be to keep your grades high because it doesn't matter if your the best lacrosse player in the world. It's all about getting a good education and if you work hard in the classroom then the work on the field will not only be easy but also fun.  Also, keep your head up and shoot for the stars because anything is possible if you are willing to work at it. 

I started with the Edge program in my Freshman year and I still play with the Junior team.  I was introduced to the Edge program by my current Edge coach, Clancy Almas who recommended me to Stu when I was in grade 8.  I loved my experience in the Edge program and will never forget it -SS 

Spencer Secord - Georgetown University

Overall my experience with Edge was amazing and I am extremely thankful. I couldn't have been given a better opportunity to be recruited to play at the next level. Not only did I benefit from playing with such a talented group of players that made me play better as an individual, but because Edge is such a well-known name throughout the lacrosse world, I received a lot of attention and connection that I might have not otherwise gotten 

Marc-Antoine Pion - Harvard

I joined the Edge program in the fall of 2012. It was an enriching experience for me because I got to play with one of the best clubs in North America. I was the first player from Quebec to ever play with Edge, and I believe that is very important because lots of incredible players are developing in Quebec, and it’s paramount they have an opportunity like I did. I heard about the program after the All Canada Games in 2012, and as soon as the opportunity to play for Edge presented itself, I knew I wanted to play for the program.

Matthew Gaudet - Yale University

My experience with EDGE was a really fun time and extremely helpful on improving my athletics and academics. The program really benefited me in the recruiting process and pushed to make sure colleges would take an interest in me. EDGE helped me gain a lot of knowledge and skills that I still acquire today, on and off the field. It really teaches you how to become a gentlemen. I heard about the program from former coach Pete Follows who really saw a future in the game for me and knew that EDGE would help just that - MG

Brent Noseworthy - Michigan

I first joined the Edge Lacrosse program in the summer of my freshman year. Since then, I have had nothing but positive things to say about the program. Edge Lacrosse gives Canadian athletes exposure to American Colleges and works individually with each athlete to help them reach their goals from both an academic and athletic perspective. Edge Lacrosse has provided me with exceptional help and guidance through a very challenging recruitment process and I could not have done it without this program and the great people associated with it.