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EDGE Training Academy - Dodging and Defending School - NEW Camp Starts in January!

12/11/2015, 2:00pm EST

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EDGE Lacrosse is pleased to announce details and dates for the 2016 DODGING AND DEFENDING SCHOOL. 

EDGE Lacrosse DODGING AND DEFENDING School will provide participants with high level instruction and training on proper dodging technique, footwork, basic and advanced dodges. Defensively, long pole instructors will work with participants on footwork, defensive checks, stick checks and positioning.  

We limit the number of participants to 30 participants per session to ensure hands on training and coaching. Our Edge Alum/NCAA staff will work with each individual to provide instruction in a high tempo, fun and positive environment. 

DODGING AND DEFENDING SCHOOL is the 2nd program under the EDGE Lacrosse Training AcademyEDGE Sniper School Session 2 registration is live and begins in January in EAST and WEST locations. Future details regarding our FACEOFF and GOALTENDING camp will be announced in 2016. EDGE Lacrosse is Canada's premier training, development and recruiting program. No club program in Canada has placed  more student-athletes in the NCAA than EDGE. Our camps and practices focus on fundamental and advanced skill training to prepare, teach and mentor young student-athletes who aspire to play lacrosse in the NCAA.


Basic and Fundamental Dodges:
Roll Dodge
Split Dodge
Face Dodge
Bull Dodge

Advanced and Intermediate Dodges:
Hitch Dodge 
Swim Dodge
Question Mark Dodge
Rocker Dodge

Proper Dodging Technique and When to Use Each
Positional Dodging:
Dodging from Up Top
Wing Dodging
Dodging from X
Fast Breaks
Foot Work Drills
Speed and Agility Training


Positioning and Footwork
Stick Checks: Poke, Slap and Lift
Ground Balls and Stick Work
Positional Defending:
Defending from Up Top
Defending X
Defending GLE
How to Slide
How to Clear


Toronto Rock Athletic Centre

Dates + Cost

OAKVILLE (60 minute sessions)

FRIDAY January 15, 22, 29, Feb 5th

7pm - 8pm -  2003 + 2004 + 2005 + 2006 + 2007 - Session 1
8pm - 9pm -  1999 + 2000 + 2001 + 2002 - Session 2

$175 for new registrants
$150 for EDGE/True North/ REL Members 
(Use promo code 'DODGE')

If you are an EDGE/TN/REL member and register for BOTH camps (Sniper School + Dodging and Defense) you will receive an ADDITIONAL discount! A combined price of $275.00 for both camps, a total savings of $95.00!

Non-Members who register for BOTH camps (Sniper School + Dodging and Defense) receive an additional discount. A combined price of $320 for both camps, a total savings of $50.00!

(Combo discounts will be manually issued following registration)

If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Campbell,

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