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Parent Testimonial - Vince Dannetta (Lehigh)

03/17/2016, 3:15pm EDT

Like every other parent you want what is best for your child, to my mind the Edge program has provided my son with a club program that ranks right up there with anyone in North America. Like any other child in this sport Luca started playing lacrosse at a young age (he was 4). I remember vividly taking him down to the "box" here in Kew Garden and having to lift him up over the boards so he could see his older brother play, and as soon as he saw what was going on, he said:"I want to play"...and play he did.

Our center provided us with a sound foundation in skills and competition, but Luca wanted to take his game to the next level. While the competition was good he wanted to see how good he was and see if he could play against "the best of the best". Having heard about Edge through a friend I asked Luca if he wanted to try out to see whether or not he could compete. Luca  did his own research and realized what was at stake (including an education in the United States and the possibility of playing NCAA lacrosse).

During the last 6 years Edge has provided excellent coaching, teaching, and exceptional competition for Luca to develop his game. While the friendships that he has made with his teammates from all over Ontario and some from the United States will far outlast his playing career what Edge has provided for Luca is an education in a top 50 University in the United States, a dream that he has been working towards when he first realized what Edge could do for his life.

What is most important to me as an educator is that Edge has not only provided us an opportunity to take Luca's game to the next level and an education, but it has instilled values that will help him be successful in whatever he wants to do after his playing days are over: hard work, dedication and passion.

Thank you Edge !

Vince Dannetta

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