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EDGE 2017 Men's + Youth Spring Tryouts!

08/08/2016, 2:45pm EDT


Thank you for considering EDGE Lacrosse! 

We are looking for passionate, enthusiastic, student-athletes who have goals and dreams to play lacrosse at the highest level. In order to achieve those goals, it takes commitment, dedication and discipline. Playing for EDGE means you are a lacrosse player that demonstrates potential, passion and work ethic. 

Here are many of the reasons why YOU should play EDGE:


Since 2006, we have been working with many of Ontario's top lacrosse players to help them get to the NCAA. No other club program in Canada has the proven track record of success that we do. Year after year, we consistently help more kids secure scholarships than any other club program in Canada. Often, our results are more than all other Ontario club programs combined. With nearly 300 recruits since 2006, our results are undeniable. If you are considering another club program, ask them for a list of commits, you are investing your time, money and travel, you want to ensure the end goal aligns with your son or daughters. 

The EDGE brand has established itself as teams of elite Ontario students-athletes. Coaches and recruiters from NCAA programs follow and evaluate players from EDGE teams more than any other Canadian club program. Coaches have come to value the training and coaching we provide our members and consistently are looking for EDGE players for their programs. 

With the success of Canadian lacrosse players in the NCAA, every NCAA program is looking to add a Canadian lacrosse player to their team. 


Our goal at EDGE lacrosse is to make good players great. We focus on teaching the fundamental field skills in a positive environment for our members to learn and develop. 

Our youth teams focus on learning the fundamental and advanced field skills that will help them grow to become dominant field players. Combined with their strong box background, our members become the ultimate box/field hybrid player that college coaches are seeking. 

Our HS teams focus on implementing NCAA level systems and training in order to showcase to college coaches that they will make for solid NCAA recruits. 


This fall we will be offering our members access to a 6 week SNIPER SCHOOL and DODGING AND DEFENDING training programs during the week. This will be offered at no additional costs to our members and will be hosted in 3 locations across the GTA (Oakville, Toronto, Durham) This training will be on top of weekend practices in order to give our members 2 weekly training and practices with EDGE coaches and staff.  The 2nd session of SNIPER SCHOOL and DODGING AND DEFENDING will be offered again in the New Year as continued Winter Development.


EDGE Lacrosse is pleased to provide top quality coaching and teaching for all of our teams, camps and training programs. 

Our staff consist of former NCAA players, EDGE alum and professional players. Our program model is cyclical, EDGE alumni who have played and developed in our program come home to pass on their knowledge and experience of NCAA lacrosse to teach the next group of Ontario student-athletes. Having mentors who were in your shoes as a young player provides our members the confidence and belief that their goals of NCAA lacrosse are attainable through hard-work and dedication

Our coaches and staff understand the hard work and challenges of NCAA recruitment, their experience and knowledge will help our members understand the process in order to achieve their goals of NCAA lacrosse.


We are pleased to be the ONLY Canadian club with membership to the National Lacrosse Federation (NLF) as one of the only clubs with access to NLF events, we can offer our members access and participation to some of the top recruiting events and showcases. 

NLF Exclusive Events:

  • 2018 Uncommitted Showcase - Oct 30th, 2016 @ TUFTS
  • 2020 Fall Frosh - Nov 6th @ Boys Latin
  • 2018, 2019, 2020 Mid Atlantic Uncommitted Showcase - Nov 12, 2016 @ Hill School
  • 2018, 2019, 2020, NLF Fall Team Invitational - Nov 20, 2016
  • NLF Futures Showcase - January 14 - 16 @ IMGe

The 10 clubs that make up the NLF are:

Baltimore Crabs (MD), Big 4 HHH (PA), Laxachusettes (MA), Leading Edge (NJ), Long Island Express (LI), 91 Lacrosse (LI), Mesa Fresh (PA), Eclipse (CT), West Coast Starz (CA), EDGE Lacrosse (CAN)


You can find the full press release here 

Additionally, our relationships with tournaments and organizers grant us access to many other elite showcases and events such as:

Adrenaline Black Card
NSCLA Showcase
3d Nike Blue Chip
Maverick Showtime


As with all sports and activities, there is a considerable amount of time, money and travel invested by every family. We truly understand the sacrifice and challenges parents and families make in order to participate with EDGE. We value each families commitment and loyalty to the program. 

What sets EDGE apart from other sports programs is the potential return of investment (ROI). The average US scholarship ranges from $15, 000 USD to $30, 000 USD annually. On average, EDGE members will receive between $80, 000 - $110, 000 USD scholarship money over their 4 years. 

Over the past 10 years, over 90% of our members have received scholarships offers in this range. EDGE members and families see a ROI within their first year of scholarship!


Over the last 10 years, we have established and developed relationships with college coaches and schools at all levels. Owner/Founder, Stu Brown has helped more student-athletes in Canada secure scholarships than any one person alone. 

His reputation and relationship with college coaches provides our members with personal contact and relationships with schools that may otherwise not have been available to them. 

The recruiting process is different for every player. It can be an overwhelming process for families. Arranging school visits, contacting schools, negotiating offers and managing expectations are all items that many families don't have a great of experience with. We provide our members with personal 1 on 1 recruiting seminars and 24/7 recruiting support in order to make the recruiting process as easy and understandable as possible. 

We will guide and educate our members on how the recruiting process works, what members should be focusing on and a check list of items they should be completing through grades 8 - 12. We will provide 1st hand advice and experience in the recruiting process and help to make sure your son/daughter is making an educated choice in the school that is the best fit for him/her. 

We provide additional tools such as:
Video from all games in the fall
Recruiting templates 
LacrosseRecruits membership
Personal Highlight videos
Video hosting via EDGElacrosse YouTube Channel
Contact and networking opportunities with EDGE alumni


We take academics seriously, and so should you. Academics are a huge component to the recruiting process and we encourage all of our members to achieve the same level of success in the classroom as they strive for in sports. The better your grades, the more potential scholarship money!

We do require our members to meet our program's minimum academic standards in order to participate. This is to ensure our members qualify for NCAA recruitment. We want to take the doubt out of a coach's mind when evaluating EDGE players and know that ALL EDGE players are academically eligible to pass through the NCAA eligibility centre. 


Minimum grade average to PLAY - 70% and above
Preferred grade average for EDGE HS members - 75% and above
Any prospective recruits and members who are BELOW 70% will be put on academic probation. They will need to work with EDGE to ensure they are on track in order to be considered to play. 

We also celebrate academic achievement in the classroom. All members who achieve honour roll in the 1st or 2nd term will be included on the EDGE All-Academic team. This provides you recognition online and with college coaches, which will provide you further exposure and benefit as it relates to recruiting and scholarships.

SAT Prep Classes (1999 - 2002)

We also provide all HS students with SAT prep classes. All prospective athletes are required to write the SAT in order to be eligible for the NCAA. We will provide you with SAT prep classes and tutoring in order to help you prepare for the SATs. 


EDGE will field one team per age/classification. Our teams are based on birth year and align with the year of NCAA eligibility. 

We will field one team of 20-21 players, to ensure quality playing time, and development opportunities on field and in practice. 

Teams will consist of:

11-12 short sticks (attacks/middies)
6 defense
2 goalies
1 fogo

We will carry 2-3 AP players each season in order to ensure we have quality numbers at team practices. AP players will only participate in tournaments when necessary and up to the discretion of the coach. AP rate is approx 70% of the full member rate and remains eligible for all member benefits. 

You do not have to worry about having multiple teams and having your son or daughter moved up or down during the season. If you are offered a position on a team, that spot is guaranteed for each season (fall/spring)

2015 - 2016 Commitments

EDGE Lacrosse is Canada's #1 recruiting and development club program. No other club program in Canada has the proven track record of recruitment that EDGE does. Each year, EDGE helps more student-athletes secure scholarships to NCAA programs than any other club program in Ontario. This past year, we celebrated the success of 36 male and female members and alumni in securing a scholarship to a NCAA program! 

Name Team Position Home Centre/School NCAA
Tehoka Nanticoke EDGE 2015 Attack Six Nations / IMG Albany
Ben Utrosa EDGE 2016 Midfield Whitby Belmont Abbey
Austin Tracogna EDGE 2016 Attack Whitby Indianapolis
Adam Wolf EDGE 2016 Midfield Oakville / Everest Academy RIT
Julien Guay EDGE 2016 Midfield Oakville / Hill Academy RIT
Ethan Black Fernandes EDGE 2017 Defense Toronto Beaches / Trinity Pawling Hobart College
Matthew Shand EDGE 2017 Midfield Whitby / Hill Academy St.Leos
Jaden Walcot EDGE 2017 Attack Oakville / Hill Academy Sacred Heart
Kyle Curtis EDGE 2017 Attack Whitby / Hill Academy Belmont Abbey
Mackenzie Iacocca EDGE 2017 Midfield Guelph St.Johns
Jake Boudreau EDGE 2017 Midfield Brampton Robert Morris 
Tristan Hannah EDGE 2017 Attack Whitby / Everest Academy Cleveland State
Brenden Lundy EDGE 2018 Attack Whitby / Trinity Pawling Bucknell
Luca Danetta EDGE 2018 Attack Toronto Beaches / St.Mikes Lehigh
Mason Kamminga EDGE 2018 Defense St.Catharines Hartford
Tyler Eames EDGE 2018 Attack Whitby Marquette
Carter Brand EDGE 2018 Midfield Gloucester / Hill Academy Denver
David Cormack EDGE 2018 Midfield Whitby Monmouth
Liam Limoges EDGE 2018 Attack Mimico Vermont
Matthew Anderson EDGE 2018 Midfield Burlington Stony Brook
Nathan Braniff EDGE 2018 Attack Burlington / Hill Academy Vermont
Jonathon McConvey EDGE 2018 Midfield Mimico / St.Mikes Vermont
Thomas McConvey EDGE 2019 Midfield Mimico / St.Mikes Vermont
Josh Dawick EDGE 2019 Attack Oakville / Appleby College Denver
Brett Handsor EDGE 2019 Midfield Huntsville / Culver Johns Hopkins
Graydon Hogg EDGE 2019 Attack Clarington / Hill Academy Albany
Hayden Fox EDGE 2019 Defense Gloucester / Hill Academy Johns Hopkins
Zack Young EDGE 2019  Defense Clarington / Hill Academy North Carolina
Johnathan Peshko EDGE 2020 Mid/FO Mimico / St.Mikes Johns Hopkins
Sage Darling EDGE 2016 Attack  Kawartha Lakes Ohio State
Alana Jeronimo EDGE 2016  Midfield Oshawa Blue Knights Lindenwood
Brittany Stephens EDGE 2016  Defense Owen Sound Findlay
Abbi England EDGE 2017  Midfield Orillia Bryant University
Melissa Garland EDGE 2017  Defense Oshawa Blue Knights La Salle College
Quinton Hoch-Bullen EDGE 2017 Midfield  Orillia Denver
Annie Lloyd EDGE 2017 Defense  Orillia Bryant University
Clare Johnston EDGE 2018 Attack  Kingston Ohio State

2016 Enrollment - Best Wishes!

We would like to wish all of our alumni who are heading off to the NCAA later this month! 

It has been a pleasure to watch your growth and development from a young aspiring lacrosse player to now heading off to college/university! From all of us at EDGE Lacrosse, good luck! We know you will do great at the next level and we will enjoy following your progress and success!

2016 ENROLLMENT        
Tehoka Nanticoke EDGE 2015 Attack Six Nations / IMG Albany
Matt Shand EDGE 2016 Midfield Whitby / The Hill Academy St.Leos 
Ben French EDGE 2016 Attack Brampton / IMG Vermont
Tanner Baldin EDGE 2016 LSM Brantford/ Trinity Pawling McGill
Ryan Smith EDGE 2016 Attack Hamilton Robert Morris 
Cody Haas EDGE 2016 Goalie Sarnia Canisius
Daniel Balawejdger EDGE 2016 Defense Mimico / St.Mikes Canisius
Austin Tracogna EDGE 2016 Attack Whitby U Indy
Drake Porter EDGE 2016 Goalie Newmarket / IMG Syracuse
Justin Scott EDGE 2016 Midfield Mississauga / Trinity Pawling Hobart
Bayley Tranmer EDGE 2016 Mid/FO Newmarket / Trinity Pawling Hobart
Anthony Droiun EDGE 2016 Defense Oakville / Salisbury Hartford
Dalton Follows EDGE 2016 Attack Oakville / The Hill Academy Harvard
Matt Gaudet EDGE 2016 Midfield Hamilton / Salisbury Yale
Ciaron Costello EDGE 2016  Defense Mimico / St.Mikes Robert Morris 
Jacskon Suboch EDGE 2016  Defense Mimico / The Hill Academy Umass Amherst
Ben Utrosa EDGE 2016 Midfield Whitby Belmont Abbey
Kyle Curtis EDGE 2017 Attack Whitby Belmont Abbey
Brody McLean EDGE 2017 Attack Caledon Stony Brook

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