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Men's Fall Program Details

08/09/2017, 12:15pm EDT


MEN'S TEAM TRYOUTS (2000 - 2004) - Tryouts for our HS/Men's Teams are by invitation only. There are spots available on all teams and we are always looking for talented student-athletes. If you would like to be sent program information for teams EDGE 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, please contact Alan Tsang with a request for more

Program Director
Alan Tsang
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Stu Brown -

Our men's program model for players born 2000 - 2004 is changing this fall. With the recruiting changes this spring to eliminate early recruiting, our focus in the grade 8 - grade 12 years is to train, develop and prepare our members for college recruitment. Edge Training Academy will offer participants the opportunity to train 3x a week and nearly 100 hours of training in an elite lacrosse environment. Training Academy will be comprised of 3 main training sessions, Skill Sessions, Speed, Strength and Conditioning training and Team Sessions.

Training Academy is a closed program, we are accepting applications at this time for players who would be interested in committing to the training academy.

Skill sessions 
Will be run weekly for members and will be led and developed by our team staff and college advisory staff. Skill sessions will be hosted by NCAA/Pro positional staff and Guest Coaches. Training will be focused on developing and improving all areas of our member's skill set.

Offensive players will focus on becoming elite, offensive threats from any part of the field. Areas of focus and development are:

Shooting - Overhand, sidearm, accuracy, velocity, quick sticks, shooting on the run, technique, mechanics and release
Dodging - Variable dodges, when and where to best utilize them
Footwork - Speed, agility and footwork to create space on offense
Faceoffs - Stance, technique, warmups, counters and wing play

Defensive Players will focus on becoming elite, shutdown defensemen. Areas of focus:
Positioning - Proper positioning, body positioning, approach and angles
Stick work - Variable checks, how and when to throw them in combination of proper body positioning, ground ball work, passing and shooting
Footwork - Speed, agility and mobility in order to be able to keep up with offensive players and the ability to clear

Goalies will focus on becoming excellent ball stoppers, and leaders on defense. Areas of focus:
Positioning - Proper stance and technique, positioning and angles
Stick Work - Passing, catching, clearing from the goalie position
Footwork - speed and agility focus along with proper footwork in goa

Speed, Strength and Conditioning
Players over the course of the fall program will take their physical and athletic ability to the next level. Players will focus on improving a player's physical fitness, strength, speed and conditioning. Conditioning, and physical fitness are integral components to on field success. Members will work with trainers and coaches to improve, train and push their physical limits. Members will also be taught about proper stretching and cool-down techniques to remain healthy, fit and prepare to compete. We will host baseline testing and in season testing to track and monitor a player's development throughout the season.

Team Sessions
Weekly team sessions will be utilized to refine, develop and execute offensive and defense systems. Team sessions will be run by team coaches who will have weekly practice plans for their teams. Coaches will have more time to draw up and develop plays and systems based on their team personnel. Team sessions will allow coaches to implement offense, defense, man up/down, rides, clears, faceoff and wing play to prepare for fall recruiting events. 

Weekly program Sept 15th - December 15th
7 training hours a week (98 training hours total), 3 hours/week for youth teams

Team Uniform and Apparel Package
Home and Away Sublimated Game Jersey
2x Sublimated team shorts
3x Sublimated team shooting shirts
1 long sleeve t-shirt (men's team only)
1 team hoodie
1 cotton sweat pants (men's team only)
1 performance pant (men's team only)
1 reversible mesh practice pinnie (men's team only)
1 practice short (men's team only)

Personalized Elite Athlete Development Plan
Each member of the program will receive a personalized development plan (EADP) that is assembled in conjunction with our staff. The EADP will provide members with personal goals, areas of focus, and a personal pathway in which to work from during the 15 week program. Personalized EADP will ensure each athlete is receiving specific training, development and focus to help them achieve their full potential. 

Weekly Positional Skill Development Training 
14 weeks of positional training and reps. Led by NCAA alum, team coaches and guest coaches

Strength and Conditioning Training and Coach
- Powered by former professional athletes and trainers
- Footwork and speed training
- Lacrosse specific strength training
- Stretching and cooldown benefits

Weekly Team Practices
Team based practices provide opportunities to review team systems
- Ensure team preparation and execution at fall tournaments
- Focus on offensive systems and concepts
- Man Up/Man Down
- Rides/Clears

1 on 1 Recruiting Support and guidance (men's team only)
Personalized support in developing student-athlete resume
- Communication templates and checklist
- Semi-Monthly EADP Review
- Individual Video Review
- College match review and assessment
- Academic evaluation and guidance
- Personal highlight videos
- Connectlax Recruiting Profile

Group and individual video sessions
Team video review sessions to analyze, educate and review strategies
- Individual video sessions to evaluate and improve

SAT Prep (men's team only)
3 SAT Prep Classes to review SAT Testing

Fall Ball Scrimmages and Tournaments (minimum 2 exhibitions and 10-15 tournament games) - (men's team only)
During the fall, prior to fall recruiting events, EDGE will arrange a series of exhibition games vs US College programs/Clubs and local high schools and clubs

Why EDGE? Proven and Established Brand

Since 2006, EDGE Lacrosse teams have made college coaches take notice of elite Ontario talent. Our track record has proven, we do recruiting and development better than any club program in Canada. The EDGE brand is synonymous with elite Canadian talent and guarantees you a level of exposure, recruiting and contact with college coaches that no other club program can provide. 
325 commitments to the NCAA since 2006

Elite Competition and Development

Not only does EDGE attract dozens of college coaches to our events, we also attract top talent from across Ontario. For over a decade, EDGE has been the club choice of top Ontario student-athletes that have gone onto have successful careers in the NCAA, NLL, MLL and Internationally with Team Canada. 

Current EDGE Alumni in the NLL:





Mitch de Snoo

Drexel Dan Lomas High Point


  Brad Gillies RIT
Jeremy Noble Denver Kyle Jackson Michigan
Dillon Ward Bellarmine




  Mark Matthews Denver
Alex Crepinsek RIT Adam Jones Canisius
Ethan O'Connor Hobart Adrian Sorchietti Limestone
Kiel Matisz Robert Morris


Jordan Macintosh RIT Dan Lintner Cornell
Bryan Cole Maryland    
Chad Tutton UNC    
Jason Noble Cornell    
Sean Young Syracuse    

Internationally, 27 alumni have represented Canada, China and Iroquois at the U19 World Games:

Team Canada U19 - 2012


Team Canada U19 - 2016

Dan Lintner Cornell, 2010   Riley Curtis Denver, 2017
Joe French Virginia, 2013   Jonathan Donville Cornell, 2017
Bryan Cole Maryland, 2011   Dalton Follows Harvard, 2016
Joel Tinney Hopkins, 2014   Ben  French Vermont, 2016
Kyle Jackson Michigan, 2012   Kyle Hebert Stony Brook, 2017
Tyler Albrecht Loyola, 2012   Mackenzie Iacocca St.Johns, 2017
Chad Tutton UNC, 2011   Justin  Inacio Ohio State, 2017
Jay Lindsay Stony Brook, 2013   Kyle  Kolwich UNC, 2017
Ian MacKay Vermont, 2013   Clarke Petterson Cornell, 2016
Derek Searle RIT, 2012   Drake Porter Syracuse, 2016
Aaron Moroney Towson, 2012   Jackson Suboch UMASS, 2016
Brennan Donville Cornell, 2012  

Team China U19 - 2016

Hayden Johnstone Stony Brook, 2013   Kevin Dong undecided

Iroqouis National U19 - 2016

        Tehoka Nanticoke Albany, 2017
        Tyson Bomberrry Syracuse, 2015

Exclusive Access to Showcases and Team Events


EDGE Lacrosse is the only Canadian club program with membership to the National Lacrosse Federation (NLF). The NLF is a club division comprised of the top 10 club programs across North America. The NLF hosts exclusive tournaments and showcases each year that provide our members and teams exclusive access, exposure and opportunity to train and compete against the top players in the US. This level of competition ensures that college coaches will attend these events to evaluate top recruits!

Exclusive NLF Events:

NLF Summer Club Championship
Under Armour Elite 120 Showcase
Fall Frosh Power 12 Tournament
NLF Futures at IMG

Additionally, our relationships and reputation as Canada's top club program grant us exclusive access to many of the top recruiting showcases!



Return on Investment and Recruiting Support

The goal for each of our members is to develop, train and prepare them for NCAA recruitment and provide them support and guidance through the recruiting process. The recruiting process is different for each individual, EDGE provides our members with personal recruiting meetings, access to our database of over 300 college coaches and schools and personal player representation. EDGE Lacrosse acts as your club representative through the recruiting process. We will provide unlimited, 24/7 support and take the time to answer all of your questions, educate you on the recruiting process and help understand potential offers, arrange school visits, communicate and negotiate with coaches.

We have established and developed relationships with every DI school and many DII, DIII, MCLA programs. With over 300 alumni and 10+ years of relationships, our networks and contacts allow us to help our members connect with schools in ways no other program in Canada can. 

On average, members are awarded $30,000 -$40,000 academic + athletic scholarship money a year, a total over $100, 000 over the course of 4 years! This type of ROI cannot be matched and makes EDGE one of the most valuable investments you can make. 

Proven Development and Training

Our coaching and development methods have proven results. We help good players, become great. We focus on teaching and developing positional skills and training. Our training and development process has shown that we can take a player of any age and ability and teach him the skills and provide him the training to become elite. If you are interested in playing lacrosse in the NCAA, EDGE Lacrosse is the #1 club program to help get you there. 

Aidan Conlon - 2010



2017 Signing to Albany

Kyle Kolwich - 2010


2016 Team Canada U19

2017 Signing UNC

Justin Inacio - 2010

2014 - Ohio State Commit

 2016 Team Canada U19

 2016 Face-off Academy 2017 Division Champion

Brody McLean - 2010



2016 - Signing to Stony Brook

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