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Youth Fall Program Details

08/09/2017, 12:15pm EDT


Weekly Team Practices - Sept 17 - Dec 10th - 90 minute team practices beginning mid September, all practices are hosted on opposite days of OLA Fall Field. Run by team coaches and guest coaches, practices will be high paced and review team systems and concepts

Weekly Training Sessions - Sept 17 - Dec 10th - Hosted prior, or following your Sunday team practice will be a 90 minute training session. Trainin sessions will developed by our team staff and college advisory staff. Skill sessions will be hosted by NCAA/Pro positional staff and Guest Coaches. Training will be focused on developing and improving all areas of our member’s skill set. 

Offensive players will focus on becoming elite, offensive threats from any part of the field. Areas of focus and development are:
Shooting – Overhand, sidearm, accuracy, velocity, quick sticks, shooting on the run, technique, mechanics and release
Dodging – variable dodges, when and where to best utilize them
Footwork – speed, agility and footwork to create space on offense

Defensive Players will focus on becoming elite, shutdown defensemen. Areas of focus:
Positioning – Proper positioning, body positioning, approach and angles
Stick work – variable cheques, how and when to throw them in combination of proper body positioning, ground ball work, passing and shooting
Footwork – speed, agility and mobility in order to be able to keep up with offensive players and the ability to clear

Goalies will focus on becoming excellent ball stoppers, and leaders on defense. Areas of focus:
Positioning – Proper stance and technique, positioning and angles
Stick Work – Passing, catching, clearing from the goalie position
Footwork – speed and agility focus along with proper footwork in goal

Speed, Strength and Conditioning
Players will be introduced to speed and conditioning training, there will be a focus on improving a player’s physical fitness, strength, speed and conditioning. Members will work with certified trainers and former pro athletes to improve, train and push their physical limits. Members will also be taught about proper stretching and cooldown techniques to remain healthy, fit and prepare to compete. 


NCAA Experience Camp (1 fall, 1 summer) - Once per season we will organize and arrange a full day NCAA experience at a DI school. Included in this will be a full team practice at the school, a 90 minute training session with the school coaches and players and guided school tour. Camp will be hosted the day prior to a scheduled tournament in order to maximize travel and accommodations.


New Fall Team Uniform - Sublimated Reversible Pinnie (Home and Away) + 2x Shorts, 2x Shooting Shirts, Socks and Team Hoodie

Team Gift - Team gift for all members TBA

Full-time, non-parent coaching staff 

Our team coaches are experienced coaches, players and EDGE/NCAA alumni who will provide hands-on, high-level coaching and support to our members. Our program supports alumni who have played in the program and welcome them back to coach the next up and coming group of gifted athletes. NCAA and EDGE alumni bring back with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that they pass on. Non-parent coaches ensure fair and quality field time for all members.


Administrative Services and Support 
Our staff will provide you with access and support throughout the development process to ensure our members are learning and developing new skills. Personal player progress reports and development reports will be provided by team coaches and staff. Website maintenance and updates will ensure visitors and members are up to date and organized.

Tournament and Travel Management 
Team and player registration, tournament waivers, hotel room blocks, team dinners, school visits, personal visits will all be arranged and provided to you.


Since 2006, EDGE Lacrosse teams have made college coaches take notice of elite Ontario talent. Our track record has proven, we do recruiting and development better than any club program in Canada. The EDGE brand is synonymous with elite Canadian talent and guarantees you a level of exposure, recruiting and contact with college coaches that no other club program can provide. 

320 commitments to the NCAA since 2006


Our coaching and development methods have proven results. We help good players, become great. We focus on teaching and developing positional skills and training. Our training and development process has shown that we can take a player of any age and ability and teach him the skills and provide him the training to become elite. If you are interested in playing lacrosse in the NCAA, EDGE Lacrosse is the #1 club program to help get you there. 

Aidan Conlon - 2010



2017 Signing NLI to Albany


Kyle Kolwich - 2010




2016 Team Canada U19


2017 Signing NLI to North Carolina


Justin Inacio - 2010


2014 - Ohio State Commit


 2016 Team Canada U19


 2016 Face-off Academy 2017 Division Champion


Brody McLean - 2010




2016 - Signing NLI to Stony Brook University

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