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Good luck to EDGE Class of 2018! 34 Recruits to the NCAA!

08/14/2018, 8:00pm EDT

The summer lacrosse season is nearly complete for another year. It's been a great year watching our players and teams train and compete this season.

For the class of 2018, the end of summer means the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, the beginning of their athletic and academic post secondary careers! 

We are very proud of each of our alumni and we look forward to following their athletic and academic accomplishments! 

Congrats to all the players as they prepare to embark on their post secondary journey! We will enjoy following your careers!

2018 Numbers:

19 male DI commits

9 male DII/DIII Commits

6 female commits

Carter Brand (Gloucester) - Heading to Denver (DI) in the Fall!

Josh Dawick (Oakville) - Signing his NLI to Denver (DI)

Payton Cormier (Mimico) - Heading to Virgina (DI) in the Fall

Ryan Haigh (Mimico) - Heading to Cleveland State (DI) in the Fall

Gareth Haigh (Mimico) - Heading to Cleveland State (DI) in the Fall

Lucas Snider (Kitchener/Waterloo) - Signing NLI to Drexel (DI)

Thomas McConvey (Mimico)

Jonathan and Thomas McConvey (Mimico) - Signing their NLI to Vermont (DI)

Jonathan McConvey (Mimico)

Nathan Braniff (Burlington) - Signing his NLI to UMBC (DI)

Owen Cook-Down (Toronto Stars) - Heading to Robert Morris (DI) in the Fall

Zack Deaken (Orangeville) - Signing his NLI to Jacksonville (DI)

Blake Lothian (Whitby) - Signing his NLI to Manhattan College (DI)

Marcus Johnstone (Toronto) - Signing NLI to Quinnipiac (DI)

Brendan Lundy (Clarington) - Heading to Bucknell (DI) in the Fall

Kyle Driscoll (Guelph) - Signing NLI to Hobart (DI)

Bow Bow Hunter (Six Nations) - Heading to Jacksonville (DI) in the Fall

Matthew Anderson (Burlington) - Heading to Stony Brook (DI) in the Fall

Brett Dobson (Whitby) - Signing his NLI to St.Bonaventure (DI)

Nick Fulgenzi (Caledon) - Signing his NLI to Jacksonville (DI)

Luke Dykun (Mimico) - Heading to Maryville University in the Fall (DII)

Adam Brown (Burlington) - Signing NLI to Chowan University (DIII)

Brady Kearnan (Clarington) - Heading to Newberry College (DII) in the Fall

Tyler Kolodka (Beamsville) - Signing his NLI to Davis and Elkins (DII)

Mic Pierog (Georgetown) - Signing his NLI to Roberts Wesleyn College (DII)

Tyler Eames (Whitby) - Signing NLI to Saint Leo (DII)

James Ross (Wellandport) - Heading to Dominican College in the Fall (DII)

Juan Diego Gonzalez (Florida) - Heading to Amherst College (DIII) in the Fall

Dawson Brown (Hamilton) - Heading to Newberry College (DII) in the Fall

Hannah Moore (Hamilton) - Signing her NLI to Grand Valley State University (DII)

Hannah Morris (Orillia) - Signing her NLI to Louisville (DI)

Maddy Moloney (Orillia) - Signing her NLI to UMASS (DI)

Rachel Smith (Kawartha Lakes) - Signing her NLI to Central Michigan University (DI)

Danielle Killburn (Toronto) - Signing her NLI to Skidmore College (DIII)

Adrianna Perro (Orangeville) - Signing her NLI to Montavello University (DII)