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Player Testimonials

I joined Edge 5 years ago, mainly because some of my teammates were already involved in the program. Edge is an amazing program that, not only made me focus on lacrosse but also made me realize the importance of my academics in obtaining a scholarship. Through the Edge program I have developed a lot of great friendships within the lacrosse world.

Justin Inacio (Edge 2017) - Ohio State University Commit

My experience with Edge Lacrosse has been excellent. I joined the program in grade 6 (2007) and have been a part of the club ever since. I first heard about the program from other players in Burlington who had older brothers playing.  Edge allowed me to take my field game to the next level. The coaches really know the game and push you to strive to do your best at all times.

- Hayden Walsh (Edge 2015) - Bellarmine University Commit

I first joined the Edge Lacrosse program in the summer of my freshman year. Since then, I have had nothing but positive things to say about the program. Edge Lacrosse gives Canadian athletes exposure to American Colleges and Universities and works individually with each athlete to help them reach their goal. I heard about the program, from the tight knit lacrosse community and from my peers who have recently committed to the schools of their dreams through the Edge program.

- Brent Noseworthy (Edge 2015) - Cornell University Commit

I joined EDGE just recently, in the fall of 2012. I had always played hockey but had a dream of playing Division 1 lacrosse so I had to make the choice. This brought me to the EDGE tryouts in hopes of getting noticed. I had heard about EDGE my whole lacrosse career, and basically knew when you were playing against someone with an EDGE helmet you needed to keep an eye on them because you knew they’d be good

- Connor Kearnan (Edge 2014) - St.Joseph's University Commit

I joined the EDGE lacrosse program in the Fall of 2011. Many of my teammates from box and field played on EDGE, so I decided to try out for the program.  EDGE provided me with my first exposure to U.S. lax, playing before several college coaches at various recruiting events.  EDGE was an integral part in my recruiting process. 

Austin Divitcos (Edge 2013) - Rutgers University Commit

I joined the Edge program in the 2012 fall season after hearing how impressive they were after competing with the top teams in the USA. My experience with Edge was phenomenal. The coaching staff and everyone involved with the program, including current and past NCAA players, were a tremendous help in shaping me into a lacrosse player that college coaches found eye-catching. Being only in the program for a season and a half I can definetly say that Edge is the top premier field lacrosse program in Canada 

- Josh Nicholson (Edge 2014) - Brevard College Commit

My experience with EDGE was a really fun time and extremely helpful on improving my athletics and academics. The program really benefited me in the recruiting process and pushed to make sure colleges would take an interest in me. EDGE helped me gain a lot of knowledge and skills that I still acquire today, on and off the field. It really teaches you how to become a gentlemen. I heard about the program from former coach Pete Follows who really saw a future in the game for me and knew that EDGE would help just that.

- Matthew Gaudet (Edge 2015/2016) - Syracuse University Commit

I began playing with the Edge program in grade 7(I am now a senior). I played on the U14 team Coached by Greg Thompson. Greg was instrumental in my field career in assisting me to where I am now and is an individual that I owe a lot to for what he has done for me. I played two seasons with the U14 team with some of my best friends still to this day. We are a very tight knit group that even outside of Lacrosse is very close regardless of distance. Since then I have played with the same group of guys up until this past season with the Edge Prep team also coached by Greg Thompson along with Jon Flynn and Dave Johnston

- Ryan Johnston (Edge 2014) - Boston University Commit