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Parent Testimonials

Edge Lacrosse gave my boys a great opportunity to play field lacrosse at a high level, be seen by coaches, make great friends and was also a fun experience for our whole family. All 3 of my sons had dreams of playing NCAA lacrosse and Edge helped them attain their goals. Playing with other kids who also had the same goals made each kid strive to become a better player.  I really like the academic aspect of Edge and know that the boys worked harder in the classroom because they were a part of it. I know that the NCAA coaches liked being able to watch and recruit Edge players because they knew that whichever player they were looking at – they had the academics to pass the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Over the years there was lots of travelling with all the Edge teams, but both the boys and ourselves had many great experiences and have made great friends. I would highly recommend the Edge Lacrosse program to any player who wants to play field lacrosse at the highest level and has goals of attending a University while playing lacrosse in their future. Thanks Edge!

- Greg Thompson (Jake - Cornell, Zack - RIT, Riley - Princeton)

While living in Atlanta we had been exposed to the importance of Club Lacrosse in the NCAA recruiting process. When we talked to folks about our move back to Canada everyone in the lacrosse community was familiar with Edge, the calibre of the teams they put together and the quality of events Edge attended.  As our son went through the process, it was clear that the Edge brand drew coaches from some of the best schools and exposed all the players to some 'good looks'.  Our son loved playing Edge lacrosse.  The friends he made and the enjoyment he received from playing on a talented team against talented competitors fueled his desire to play college lacrosse. I am particularly grateful for the support from the Edge team off the field.  The support and knowledge that was shared with us as he went through the recruiting process was invaluable.

- Greg Secord (Spencer Secord - Georgetown 2015)

I've been so impressed with the Edge program from the highly organized administration to the talented coaching staff.  They know the tools necessary to get your student/athlete noticed by U.S. College coaches.  Their list of committed players is testimony to the road work Edge has done in the past 8 years.  Edge has gained the respect to play in the top tournaments across the U.S. which is where my son was recruited.  The recruiting process was overwhelming at times nevertheless the Edge staff made themselves available to ease the process. Overall, I always came away with a sense of pride watching my son be part of representing Canadian talent in the Edge uniform win or lose.  

- Lisa Cuomo (Foster Cuomo - Quinnipiac 2015)

After months of our son begging us to play in this program we gave him an ultimatum "Get a 75% average and maintain it for a year and we will sign you up" Well after a year of an 80% average and subsequent 90% we had to give in. Still uncertain as to what exactly we were in for we signed him up. Immediately we were impressed with the operation from communication , attention to detail and caliber of lacrosse. No request,phone call or e-mail was ever ignored nor was it deemed unimportant. The staff, management and participants in the Edge program were all there for two reasons...Excellence in Academics and Excellence in Lacrosse. We were thrilled to be part of such an elite group of individuals who had ours and our sons best interest at heart. We have had an amazing journey that has been captained by the Edge program and are very pleased to say that we will be life long fans and advocates. Our son is now living his academic dream sweetened by the addition of playing field lacrosse at a D11 school in Florida. Thank you Edge did what you set out to do, stood by your word and made believers out of our family.

- Vikki Gilmour (Jake Gilmour - St.Leo's University 2014)

With the recommendation from an Edge lacrosse coach who was watching my son play box lacrosse we joined Edge.  It has been and continues to be nothing short of an amazing experience.  Not only do you get great coaching, it helped stress the need for good academic performance and team play to go along with his athletic ability.  Those things along with exposure at the best tournaments and Edge Lacrosse's reputation with NCAA universities, coaches and prep schools resulted in his selection to play for Canada at the 2012 World Championships, securing admittance to The Hill Academy and  receiving a full athletic scholarship to the University of Vermont.  Nothing gets handed to you, you have to do some work yourselves but I'd be kidding myself if I thought that all this would have happened if we hadn't of joined Edge!  I also have an 11 year old son that has enjoyed (huge understatement) 3 seasons playing since Edge started fielding teams at the younger age groups.  At his young age and with the help from his Edge coaches and manager he is focused, determined and knows the importance of teamwork, discipline and being a good student.  Fun tournaments, great kids and families and no complaints.  Thank you Edge Lacrosse.

- Dave MacKay (Ian MacKay - University of Vermont 2013 - Eoin MacKay - Edge Elite 2021)

Our recruiting and playing experience with the Edge program has been nothing short of fantastic!  For any player that has an inclination of playing NCAA lacrosse, it is the only program that needs to be looked at.  Very professional and very well administered.  Any question you may have about a school, coach, program or the recruitment process itself can and will be answered by the Edge staff. (usually before you can even ask it)  When you make an Edge team, one of the first things you are given are contact sheets for NCAA schools and a full list of internet links for the NCAA regulations (NCAA clearing house, and, the Canadian high school courses that you need to take to be eligible to play)  If you have any questions, the Edge staff are always quick to answer an email or phone call to keep you on track.  All Edge staff really care about the athletes and definitely have their best interests at heart.  For example, meet Alan Tsang once; he will never forget your name!  
It doesn’t matter how good a player is, if you’re not at the right tournament at the right time, the coaches will never see that player.  The tournaments that Edge play in are very well attended by NCAA coaches.  Coaches are lined up and down the sidelines scouting at every tournament.  After games, you can actually see coaches running to the Edge coaches to discuss players!
Obviously the players have limited time together, but, the coaches do a great job of developing a team atmosphere and “pulling” the team together to work as a unit.  Very positive attitude gets the most out of the players and team in general.  The coaches have a great eye for lacrosse talent and put the players in situations to showcase their abilities and to give them the best chance to be recruited.
The key to a successful program is administration and coaching; Edge has proven to excel at both!
I would strongly recommend the Edge program to anyone who is serious about attending a NCAA school. It’s the little things that make Edge such a successful program! 

- Paul Kearnan (Connor Kearnan - St.Joes 2014)

For kids whom have a passion for Lacrosse or any sport it is very easy to get them to practice  and dedicate the many hours of playing the sport , often at the risk of academic performance suffering.  This however  is NOT the case at Edge.  From the very first parent/athlete orientation meeting  we were very impressed as to how the entire Edge staff stressed that Academic dedication and performance was not only a  requirement to remain in the program but was the KEY for each of the athletes to  achieve their dreams and goals of playing Lacrosse at the NCAA level.  

To hear that message of Academics and Athletics together  consistently from  ALL EDGE Coaches , staff and alumni  to achieve the goal to play NCAA lacrosse was truly the inspirational  moment that captured  our son’s attention.   From that initial EDGE orientation meeting forward we NEVER  had to be that parent whom had to say. “ Please go and study and focus on your homework “.

Many organizations claim that Academics and Athletes are part of their program , however the EDGE program truly embraces it in everything they do.  

From day one , the entire EDGE TEAM was totally dedicated to provide the athletes with the  highest levels of coaching , competition and exposure while also equally focusing on the athletes  academic results and grades and running programs such as SAP classroom preps. With the many questions  rules and processes in the recruiting cycle  the EDGE management was always there to answer not only question our son had but the many we did as parents.

Along this journey it is filled with great memories and friends for life for not only our son but our family as well. The EDGE team is first class and we thank you all for providing  our son the vehicle to achieve  his athletic/academic dream. Were proud to be a part of the EDGE Family.   

- Terry Morrison ( Ryan Morrison – UMASS Lowell 2015)

Entering into the recruiting process can be an overwhelming and confusing prospect. Edge Lacrosse and specifically Alan Tsang, Program Coordinator played a critical role in helping us to navigate through this huge undertaking. Alan provided outstanding guidance and support in the college recruiting process to ensure the best opportunity to find the right college program both academically and athletically.

Feedback was timely, honest, and, along the way Alan offered many practical suggestions for maximizing both of our son’s abilities and potential to get recruited. What is most important, Alan and Edge Lacrosse have a genuine interest and desire to see your ‘student athlete’ succeed at the next level, unlike an anonymous recruiter. Their interest extends past the lacrosse field, they want the best for Edge players on and off the field.

- John & Jane Tracogna (Stefan – 2015, Austin – 2016 – University of Indianapolis)

Like every other parent you want what is best for your child, to my mind the Edge program has provided my son with a club program that ranks right up there with anyone in North America. Like any other child in this sport Luca started playing lacrosse at a young age (he was 4). I remember vividly taking him down to the "box" here in Kew Garden and having to lift him up over the boards so he could see his older brother play, and as soon as he saw what was going on, he said:"I want to play"...and play he did. Our center provided us with a sound foundation in skills and competition, but Luca wanted to take his game to the next level. While the competition was good he wanted to see how good he was and see if he could play against "the best of the best".

Having heard about Edge through a friend I asked Luca if he wanted to try out to see whether or not he could compete. Luca  did his own research and realized what was at stake (including an education in the United States and the possibility of playing NCAA lacrosse). During the last 6 years Edge has provided excellent coaching, teaching, and exceptional competition for Luca to develop his game. While the friendships that he has made with his teammates from all over Ontario and some from the United States will far outlast his playing career what Edge has provided for Luca is an education in a top 50 University in the United States, a dream that he has been working towards when he first realized what Edge could do for his life. What is most important to me as an educator is that Edge has not only provided us an opportunity to take Luca's game to the next level and an education, but it has instilled values that will help him be successful in whatever he wants to do after his playing days are over: hard work, dedication and passion.

Thank you Edge !

Vince Dannetta (Luca Dannetta - EDGE 2018 - Lehigh)

Growing up in a seriously competitive lacrosse area our son was always surrounded by talented players and it was through these players that he first heard about EDGE.  He was invited to try out for the team and never looked back.  The Edge program was key in reinforcing the necessary academics required to play lax in the USA.  They were supportive with any questions we had about our son’s progress throughout the journey and in the end were instrumental in helping our son attain his dream of playing D1 lacrosse in a strong academic institution.  EDGE had great connections and worked tirelessly to find the right fit for our son.  Like most parents, we experienced the roller coaster process of recruiting, but were encouraged by EDGE’s constant support and reassurance.  My son, formed many close friendships with boys on the EDGE 2017 team. This team was competitive, talented, supported each other, and worked hard.  They also had a lot of fun and topped it off with a NSCLA championship; a huge achievement and fond memory for most of these EDGE players. 

Personally, I enjoyed the friendships I formed with the other parents, I have fond memories of the tournaments and of all the boys that played for the team.  I still laugh when I remember watching four big team members trying to share two chairs under a tent at a tournament.  EDGE has given our son a great opportunity, helped to develop not only his stick skills but also leadership capabilities.  I highly encourage all parents and lax players thinking about playing top level lacrosse to consider the EDGE program.

- Elma Walcot (Jaden Walcot – 2017 Sacred Heart University)