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About Edge

About Edge Lacrosse

Edge lacrosse stands for the intangible qualities that develop champions as well as excellent student athletes.  Our Philosophy at Edge lacrosse is a team first concept. Furthermore, our values dictate that you must instil discipline and commitment on the field and in the classroom.  

Edge stands for exceptional and outstanding standards represented by exceptional and outstanding student athletes. Therefore, there is a definite expectation that the uniform be worn with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Each player must be aware that they are an individual representation of all that Edge stands for.  

Edge believes in Elite players with Elite attitudes. We look to develop elite players with a passion to lead.  In bringing together a group of such exceptional athletes there is a creation of something very special very unique that we are proud to call Edge.  

History of Edge Lacrosse:

Edge Lacrosse Inc was founded in 2006 by current president and owner, Stuart Brown.  Stuart had a vision to compile the best lacrosse players from across Ontario who were aspiring to play in the NCAA and expose them to U.S college coaches.  When Edge lacrosse began in 2006 they started with only one team.  This team proved to be a power house going undefeated with a 37-0 record.  Edge lacrosse thrived off of the success of their inaugural season and as a result has since then grown to 16 teams consisting of both boys and girls.  Over the last 10 years, Edge Lacrosse has helped over 240 male and female members attain scholarships in the NCAA.

 Mission Statement:  

"To ensure that players learn to play the game with sound fundamentals and an ability to execute individual skills and team strategies in pressure situations. To help players develop the EDGE necessary to take their game to the next level and be a valuable contributor on any championship team."

What is Edge?
The  Edge  Lacrosse  program  provides  Canadian  youth  lacrosse  players  with  exposure  to the American game and the chance to get college and preparatory  scholarships  to U.S. universities & prep schools.  Aside from producing high-calibre lacrosse teams, Edge Lacrosse knows how to take good lacrosse players and make them great. We begin working with athletes at this young age to prepare them for the academic recruiting process.  American colleges and universities identify recruits for their programs as early as 9th and 1Oth grade. Edge recognizes  that it is vital to  get  all  players  as  much  early  exposure  to  these  coaches  as  possible.  Early identification provides our players with the best opportunity to attend the school of their choice. 

Fundamentals of Success
Edge has enjoyed a large amount of success in the American Lacrosse environment.  We believe this is due in a large part to Edge's dedication to fundamentals, team work and expectation for excellence in both athletics and academics. We hold our players to the highest standards on and off the field. This  i s  done  with  the  hope  that  they  will  become  upstanding  members  of  any University/Preparatory community.  

Not only does the Edge Lacrosse program produce elite lacrosse talent, it also prepares players for academic success.  Edge considers the academic component of every athlete as vital to their overall success in reaching the goal of American scholarship.  Therefore, from the academic perspective the EDGE program requires that all players meet a minimum school grade of 75 %. Edge also provides the opportunity to participate in SAT, SSAT preparatory courses and custom tutoring packages. These options will be made available to those interested.