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EDGE Code of Conduct

Membership on an EDGE Lacrosse Team is an honor and privilege. The responsibilities include obligations to do my best for my team, EDGE Lacrosse as a whole, my home center, my family, and myself. The essential thing in sport, as in life, is not to always win but to have competed well. To this end, I pledge to uphold the spirit of this Code of Conduct, which offers a general guide to my conduct as a member of my Team and the EDGE Lacrosse Program. I recognize that this Code does not establish a complete set of rules nor prescribe every aspect of appropriate behavior.
As a Member of the Team, I Pledge to:

  • Arrive at the Game, practice or meeting site, site on-time, with proper uniforms and equipment.
  • Act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct.
  • Maintain a level of fitness and competitive readiness which will permit my performance to be at the maximum of my abilities.
  • Respect the property of others whether personal, public or government.
  • Respect members of my team, other teams, spectators and officials, and engage in no form of verbal, physical or sexual harassment or abuse.
  • Follow my team rules, including by way of example, rules regarding curfew and required attendance at team meetings or functions, and such other rules as may be in force during the time I am on the team.
  • Wear designated team apparel and or Uniform at official team tournaments, tryouts, practices and functions.
  • Act in a way that will bring respect and honor to my team, the Edge Lacrosse Program, my Family and Myself
  • Remember that at all times I am an ambassador for my sport, my country, Edge Lacrosse, and My Family.

Failure to represent EDGE lacrosse, may result in your removal from the program. 



If you have a question that is not answered below, feel free to contact us at

What does it cost to play for EDGE? What other costs can we expect? The cost to play EDGE varies for each team. At the youth ages, EDGE is focused on the development and growth of our players. For highschool aged teams, the focus is on recruitment, exposure, and securing a commitment.   

Our pricing  is an all inclusive rate which includes program membership, minimum 8-10 team practices, coaching fees, 6 piece uniform. We can make alternate arrangements for families wishing to pay monthly/biweekly.

The Edge membership fee INCLUDES ALL of the following features:


  • Online Profile Hosting at
  • Team Video Clip & Video Hosting on Edge Lacrosse YouTube Channel
  • All personal recruiting information on a personal profile page accessed by over 250 NCAA programs and recruiters
  • Player and Parent Contact information
  • Athletic recruiting information
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Academic institution & Grades
  • Access to our current library of 250 NCAA college coaches already signed up to the Edge Online College Coaches Community  


  • College Compatibility
  • Edge Recruiting Resources
  • Edge Recruiting Services - Include communication with schools, seminars for parents, guidance sessions for those who request, etc


  • Administrative Costs & Office Support
  • Online Support, Incl. Player Profile Management
  • Scheduling & Tournament Admin
  • Communications  


  • Coaching Staff & Team Manager
  • Access to Top Level Tournaments & Camps


  • Minimum 4 fall practices, 4 spring practices. The Edge program draws top players from across Ontario, and we do our best to host practices in a centralized location to accommodate all families.
  • A minimum of 3 Spring SAT prep courses will be arranged for Edge 2018 teams and older.  


  • Reversible Numbered EDGE Pinnie
  • Black Shooting Shirt
  • Grey Shooting Shirt
  • Black EDGE team shorts
  • Grey EDGE team shorts
  • 1 pair of team socks  


  • During the fall and winter, we will offer 6 week training programs taught by NCAA alum and EDGE coaches. The camps will be hosted mid week in 3 locations across the GTA (Oakville, Toronto, Durham)
  • The academy will focus on positional training for our edge members, shooting, dodging, defensive stick work, footwork, goalie positioning, etc. 
  • Camps are no additional cost to edge members and edge members are welcome to attend as many training locations as they would like.

Additional Costs?

  • Tournament Costs A typical tournament weekend is comprised of 3 basic costs. 1) Tournament Fees 2) Transportation  3) Accommodation.   

Tournament Fees - This cost varies from tournament to tournament, ranging from $50 - $150 (per player) EDGE families contribute equally in order to cover the team tournament. Each member of the team is expected to contribute equally to the tournament costs even if you are unable to attend the tournament. In these instances, you will only be reimbursed if an AP player plays in your place. At the highschool age group, some tournaments can include accommodations for the players, expect an increase in player cost for these events.  

Bus/Car/Transportation- Some teams prefer to travel as a group and attend tournaments on a bus. Bus rentals are not mandatory and up to the discretion of the manager and team. 

Hotel Fee- Teams attending tournaments can expect to stay a minimum of 1-2 nights per tournament.   

EDGE Equipment and Apparel- Through our partnership with Under Armour and Cascade, EDGE is pleased to offer top level equipment such as the Cascade CPX-R, R and Pro 7 helmets. Additionally, we have a full apparel line for times off the field.    

Equipment Policy Edge 2020 - 2026 : All players must wear team uniform package. Players may wear equipment of their choice. All equipment must meet minimum safety and protection standards. 

Edge 2018 - 2020 : All players must wear mandatory uniform package. Players must also wear BLACK field helmet. All equipment must meet minimum safety and protection standards.  

How many tournaments will EDGE play in a year? EDGE teams play in a number of tournaments each year, ranging from 4-8 tournaments/events. Most teams will participate in a minimum of 2-3 tournaments in the Fall season and 3 tournaments/events in the summer. Each team's tournament schedules are listed on their team page. EDGE teams travel all over the US in order to compete against top level competition in front of NCAA recruiters and coaches.   

What type of commitment is required of the player? We understand the active and busy lives of our families, as a member of the EDGE program you are expected to attend a minimum: 1 Fall practice and 2 Fall Tournaments 3 Spring practices and 3 Summer Tournaments/Events As a member of EDGE Lacrosse you are NOT permitted to compete for any competitive club recruiting programs. Failure to comply may result in your removal from the program.

As a high level athlete, we understand the potential conflicts and commitments you have to other sports and organizations. If you are interested in joining our program but unable to commit to the Fall team, we will do offer players the opportunity to be evaluated at different points in the season for positions on the spring/summer teams.

Why EDGE Lacrosse? EDGE Lacrosse is Canada's most accomplished club recruiting organization with over 300 recruits and counting! We are very proud of the young men and women who have represented our program and are fortunate to have some of Ontario's best field lacrosse players enrolled. A number of players who have represented EDGE Lacrosse have gone on to play on NCAA Championship teams, Nationally with Team Canada/Team Ontario, or professional in the MLL and NLL.   

These same players were in your shoes only a few short years ago and continued on to achieve their athletic and academic goals. In the process, these players helped establish EDGE Lacrosse's brand as Canada's top club recruiting program. EDGE Lacrosse and it's players have built a reputation with college coaches and recruiters of consistently fielding highly skilled, highly athletic, and extremely competitive teams made up of many of Ontario's best student athletes.    

How do I tryout or get invited to play EDGE? EDGE is always looking for skilled, committed student athletes that are hoping to play lacrosse in the NCAA. EDGE hosts tryouts in September as our year coincides with the typical school year (Sept to Sept) We do personally invite players who we have scouted to tryout, and we always welcome referrals to the program. If you or someone you know is interested in playing for the EDGE teams, they may contact Alan Tsang at, or 905-845-5110.  

Will EDGE conflict with my other lacrosse commitments? We do the very best with our long term and short term planning to prevent lacrosse related conflicts. From time to time, there may be the occasional overlap, in those cases we expect that our players participate with their home centre.   

Does everyone get recruited? We cannot offer a guarantee that playing for EDGE will earn you a scholarship offer. However, we can guarantee you that the administrators, coaches and managers of EDGE lacrosse will do everything possible to help you get recruited. Whether that means providing additional coaching, academic assistance, or financial aid, EDGE lacrosse has helped many players like you earn scholarships to the NCAA. Since 2006, EDGE has helped over 170 men and women earn scholarships to play NCAA lacrosse, currently the most successful lacrosse recruiting organization in Canada.    
What can I learn from EDGE?  While the #1 priority at EDGE is to help players earn scholarship opportunities, we also help to provide players guidance and knowledge on becoming better people. Players in our program learn how to work as a team, communicate effectively, set goals and achieve them, and treat others with respect and equality. We are proud of all current and past EDGE players, not only for their accomplishments on the field, but for the person they have become off the field.  

What are the academic requirements to play EDGE? EDGE is very proud to not only be an elite athletic organization that focuses on excellence on the playing field but also focuses on excellence in the classroom. The purpose of the program is to help these athlete's gain scholarships to collegiate institutions in the NCAA - this means our players must not just be elite ATHLETES but in actuality elite STUDENT ATHLETES. 

Academic Requirements To Play: 

75% - TO PLAY  



We understand the many complexities to an individual student's academic life and we do our best to address issues by individual player but these are the general main guidelines dictating our program   

I do not live in the GTA, can I still play EDGE?  Absolutely, we have EDGE players from various cities and towns across the country, ranging from Otttawa, Sudbury, Peterborough, Whitby, Orangeville. While our office is located in Oakville, our practices are held in a central location to accommodate all families.   

How do I get recruited? There is no easy answer on how to get recruited, the process is different for everyone. At EDGE we have the experience, recognition and rapport to help our players get recruited. It takes a combination of skill, academics, and persistence to get recruited. We have helped over 140 players reach that dream of being offered an athletic scholarship, and you could be next. 

EDGE Program Assistance/ EDGE Scholarship Program  We understand the financial impact and time commitment players and families make in order to play for EDGE. In some instances, players who need financial assistance can be offered scholarships from EDGE to keep them in the program and on track towards obtaining their goals. These financial scholarships are offered on a case by case basis and must be reviewed by the EDGE board.  

Refunds Any refund requests are subject to review by Owner and President Stu Brown and will be reviewed on a case by case basis