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Edge 2022

Spring-Summer 2017

After weeks of practice and preparation, our teams are ready to compete this weekend at the Towson Autumn Gold Showcase. We hope you will find time to watch us play, you won't be disappointed. Our class of 2020 and 2021 are filled with dedicated, hard-working, talented student-athletes who have aspirations of playing lacrosse in college.

Over the course of the fall we have focused on individual position specific player development. Breaking down all skill sets that make Canadians unique and defining our Edge to succeed and hit the ground running come November. We have been training 3 times a week including 3x of strength, agility and fitness, individual skills and team practice. 

As we implemented the foundation of skill development, we moved into drills that focused on high tempo battle and compete drills. The focus of our development and training at all time focuses on the following 3 things (1:quickest possible ball movement at all times no matter the position, 2: Lacrosse IQ and decision making, 3: Constant movement creating and filling space) This style of play is what sets Edge apart and produces a very unique and exciting style of play. 

EDGE 2022
Towson Autumn Gold Showcase

Saturday Nov 3
8:55a - Field 7 vs True Black
11:40a - Field 7 vs Team Carolina
2:25a - Field 8 vs UC Mavericks

Sunday Nov 4
8am - Field 8 vs Resolute
10:45a - Field 8 vs Denver Elite
1:30p - Field 8 vs Evolve BC

Nov 10 - Big 4 Fall Invitational
Nov 11 - Quaker Lax

Nov 17 - Fall Lacrosse Classic (LI)
Nov 18 - NLF Fall Invitational