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At Edge Lacrosse, we are committed to providing Canadian athletes with the tools they need to succeed at the highest levels of lacrosse competition. Our comprehensive training and playing systems are designed specifically for Canadian athletes, and we have a proven track record of success, with over 500 NCAA scholarships earned by our athletes.

The Edge Mens Academy offers college recruiting guidance and support, with over two decades of experience helping our athletes navigate the complex world of college sports. And with the 2023-2024 season just around the corner, now is the time to start preparing for the NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting journey.

Our schedule is packed with opportunities for growth, skill development, and game experience, all tailored to help our athletes reach their full potential as lacrosse players. And with our unlimited training, you can be sure you're getting the most development possible.

2028 (2009) TEAM OVERVIEW

The EDGE 2028 (2009) TEAM is designed for young aspiring multi sport athletes, as well as athletes who are more focused on lacrosse year-round. EDGE offers academy training that maximizes player development. Under the direct supervision of EDGE Founder Stuart Brown, the Edge 2028 Academy Team trains regularly with a focus on development and elite performance training. Our goal is to develop great student athletes with strong fundamental lacrosse skillsets, and then prepare them to compete at the highest levels on the US club recruiting circuit. We are excited to build this age group with dedicated hard working student athletes.



EDGE 2028 Membership: $3,900

*Edge offers multiple payment plans that allow membership fees to be spread out over the year in a way that works for you. 

*All prices are subject to HST.

*Membership is for 12 months

Not Included in Fees: 

Tournament/event fees are paid equally by all attending players at each event.


We are excited to announce that all Edge Mens Academy members have unlimited access to our Fall, Winter and Spring training sessions, P.D. Day and Holiday Camps, and summer camps. Our members can take advantage of all these development opportunities without additional fees. We believe this will give our members more opportunities to improve their skills and enhance their overall Edge Academy experience. We encourage all our members to take advantage of this new benefit and make the most out of their membership. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Edge Academy.


Fall 2023

September 12th to November 16th (MISSISSAUGA)

Tuesdays - Team Practice

Thursdays - Speed and Skill

Saturdays - Team Practice

September 4th to November 1st (BURLINGTON)

Mondays - Skill Training

Wednesdays - Skill Training 

Winter 2024

  (January 6th March 9th)

Weekly indoor lacrosse training sessions are to be held in a Central GTA Location.

Spring 2024

(March 31st to June 1st)

Academy teams will train weekly during the Spring in preparation for recruiting tournaments and showcases in June and July. 

Summer 2024

(June 1st to July 31st)


The EDGE Academy Program will combine NCAA School visits, campus and facility tours, and pre-tournament training as a part of some U.S. tournament weekends and trips. EDGE uses its relationships with college coaches as well as EDGE alumni who are currently in the U.S. to build out these unique NCAA Experiences. 



EDGE is proud to be the only Club in Canada that is an official NIKE TEAM. This status is normally reserved for National Sports Federations. Through our history of producing the sport's best players, leaders and National Team players, we were identified as a club that would be offered the opportunity for this exclusive NIKE TEAM status. As this partnership grows, we can offer EDGE Members exclusive equipment and apparel usually reserved for the world's best athletes. 


The opportunities for young aspiring student-athletes are endless. Currently, 76 schools offer Men’s Division 1 Lacrosse across 10 conferences. (AEC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, CAA, Independents, Ivy League, MAAC, Northeast Conference, Patriots League and Southern Conference). Division 2 Lacrosse is offered at over 77 colleges across 45 U.S. States. Division 3 Lacrosse is offered at 245 schools, primarily in the northeast. 

What is incredible about NCAA Lacrosse is the academic quality of schools that offer scholarships and unmatched post-graduate networking opportunities. Men's Lacrosse provides some of the world's best facilities and support for student-athletes. With an average roster size of 45 players, the number of athletic scholarships available is between 12xFull Tuition in D1 and 9xFull Tuition in D2. Lacrosse offers one of the best recruiting opportunities across all sports. Students with a high GPA and who score well on the SAT and ACTs can receive academic scholarships and financial aid based on university-specific thresholds. D3 schools work strictly off financial need-based aid, academic scholarships, and other grants and bursaries.

Giesela Goetz

Edge 2028 Team Manager


Stuart Brown