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Our 2021 (2003) team is preparing for an exciting and competitive fall ball season! We've assembled a group of talented and hardworking student athletes, who understand the necessary time and effort required on the field and in the classroom to achieve their goals of NCAA lacrosse.

This fall, the 2021 (2003) team will travel to 3 lacrosse events in the US. Our goal for these events is to participate in competitive, fun events against top teams from across the US.  

Age/Grade Eligibility - 2003 Born players

Minimum Academic Requirement - 75% to play, 70% and below will require a written academic plan and meeting with program staff

Team Roster Size - 2 goalies, 5 attack, 9 middies, 1 fogo, 6 poles

Practice Schedule - Posted Online. 5 scheduled practices

Tournament Schedule
Oct 4th - Confirmed
Oct 31st - Nov 1st - Confirmed
Nov 14-15th - Confirmed

Player Expectation
- Players will work hard in practice to listen, learn and excel. Practice attendance will be monitored. If you cannot attend practice, please let your team manager know
- Players understand we succeed together as a team. No individual is greater than the team. 
- Players understand the importance of academics and that their school work comes first.
- Players will respect all coaches, staff, players, opponents, officials, at all times
- Players are representatives of Edge Lacrosse and must act appropriately at all times as representatives of the program and ambassadors of the sport of lacrosse

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